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When Sienna graduated from East Carolina University in 1986, she wasn’t sure where to go next. She didn’t have a job lined up, and she couldn’t find anything in her field. Her family encouraged her to take a vacation in Hawaii for a good dose of rest and relaxation. Those weren’t the only things she found there.

After two weeks, she landed her first software engineering job and ended up staying in Hawaii far longer than her original vacation plans. In 1989, she relocated to Silicon Valley to pursue her ambitions at Dupont, Viacom, and Sun Microsystems. Her role as the project manager for an enterprise-wide initiative at Sun Microsystems launched a 20+ year career driving mission-critical projects, bringing her skills to state government and companies like CenturyLink, Boeing, and Visa.

In 2017, Sienna opened her own project management consultancy – PMP Insights – to teach and mentor the next generation of project managers. In 2020, she joined Corporate Solutions at Front Range Community College to reach even more students with her knowledge and expertise.

What sets Sienna apart from other project management consultants is her special brand of finding solutions and relating the facts. She is the calm in the eye of the storm. She brings clarity into chaos and helps keep projects moving forward in spite of it. Clients and students alike have benefited from her depth and breadth of knowledge of cutting-edge technology and PM methodologies like Agile and Waterfall.

What I’m Passionate About


  • Shared learning
  • Collaboration
  • Process improvement
  • Best practices
  • Transformation
  • Innovation
  • Insightful guidance

When I’m teaching or helping a client, I combine process excellence and industry best practices with the insight I’ve gained and lessons I’ve learned from years spent in the trenches. My mantra is “bigger, better, faster.” I’m never content with doing something the conventional way when there’s a more effective alternative. I invest time and effort into being a role model that my students can follow. By practicing what I preach, I hope to inspire others to look into themselves. I encourage them to broaden their horizons and push the limits of what they can do.

I also teach that personal goals don’t have to be separate from your professional ones. I show my students how to blend their personal and professional selves together into a nuanced whole. For example, professional discipline can help you accomplish things outside of the office, and opening up to your co-workers can strengthen the bonds within your team.

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